Mrs. Current Favorites // Toiletries

June 8, 2015

When it comes to toiletries, I'm a one-bottle-at-a-time kind of girl. I hate having ten different gooey bottles lining the walls of my shower, or a lotion for every season of the year. Why? Because it takes up precious space (do we ever have enough room in our bathroom cabinets/closets?), it makes getting ready complicated, and it's ugly. I'd much rather have one of each thing that I really love!

Here are my rules for keeping toiletries simple, because lets face it, it's a struggle!
1) Use it till it's gone (even if I don't love it)
2) Toss it!! Seriously if you're worried about being green, be more thoughtful with your purchases, and maybe next time you'll think twice about buying that bottle of lotion cause it looks cute or you might use it on Saturday nights when you want to feel pampered. Wouldn't using an amazing lotion you love everyday be more pampering? Also wouldn't perfectly organized bathroom toiletries be even more pampering!? HHMMM??
3) Combine/consolidate things. (something my smartie pants sister suggested) If you have two half-bottles of shampoo just combine them, or lotion or body wash, etc.

Now, I can't say I've tried a TON of different products and narrowed it down to these as the best of the best! But I do really like/love these currently and although it may change, most of these items have been mainstays for a year or more!

Body Wash - Dr. Bonner's Lavender Castile Liquid Soap  it's super gentle and the scents are so simple that Craig and I can both use the same bottle. Side note, the Almond one is also amazing, and the Peppermint one will make you feel like you're on fire downstairs, so if you're into that kind of thing, be my guest.

Face Wash - Baking Soda OMG I've been using this as a face wash for years and my skin has never been better! I put it in a jar in the cabinet with a tablespoon and scoop it in my hand right before stepping into the shower, add a tiny splash of water and then massage it all over your face and rinse!

Makeup Removing Wipes - I'm kind of lazy when it comes to washing my face. I don't like doing it over the sink cause it makes a mess as water runs down your elbows and puddles around your feet and all over the counter. Instead, I use baking soda on my face when I shower and face wipes at night if I still have makeup on before bed. I keep them stowed in a decorative box on my bedside table, so no matter how exhausted and lazy I feel, I have no excuse not to reach over those six inches and grab a towelette and clean my face. I love Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes 

Deodorant - I must confess that joining the "all natural doesn't prevent sweat cause that's natural but helps with odor" crew of deodorants wasn't easy, it took time. You're body adjusts to whatever we give it, so a pit that's use to having external sweat prevention is a bit over-active because your body tries to create balance. So when that external sweat inhibitor is taken away, suddenly your body is still gonna over-produce sweat for a a month or more. Which can feel like a year. But it's worth it to be more natural and not use something that isn't good for you. And I will have you know that now, after my body has adjusted, I barely sweat! My current favorite deodorant is Tom's Original Care Deodorant. 

Toothpaste - I have struggled with ulcers in my mouth as long as I can remember. I would have at least 3-4 every month, they are so painful! So when I heard my mother-in-law say that she heard that the whitening chemicals in tooth whitening toothpaste could cause mouth ulcers, I immediately switched to a natural toothpaste to see if it could be true. For me it has dramatically reduced mouth ulcers, I may have one a month. I use Tom's Wicked Fresh Toothpaste.

Lotion - Smells like lemons and isn't greasy! J.R. Watkins Lotion

Hair Texturizer/Dry Shampoo - Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is amazing because it adds texture to super silky strands so they have more body, and it gives you that sexy messy look!

Perfume - Perfume is personal, but my favorite is Burberry London, I love it because it's soft and strong.

Heat Protectant - If you're like me and use heat tools, or if you have dry or frizzy hair, this stuff is awesome! Never use on your roots, but it is great to use a small amount on the lengths of your hair, dry or wet. Rusk Thermal Serum

Sculpting Paste - This Got2b in Play sculpting paste is great to finish any tousled look. It's also really effective at smoothing out flyaways.

Shaving Cream - Most of the time I'm too lazy and I just use my soap, but I love this shaving cream. It's actually for men, so I sorta stole it from Craig (well we share unbeknownst to him). Cremo Shave Cream

Face Moisturizer - I've used Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Moisturizer since college and it's great, so gentle.

Glossing Cream - Fekkai Glossing Cream is worth every penny, and usually the travel size bottle will last forever because it only takes a pea sized amount. It's super moisturizing and great for finishing your look or taming frizzies.

Hair Spray -  Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play is great because it holds really well but isn't too stiff.

Mrs. Style// Shirt Dress

June 8, 2015

This time of year I find myself wanting pieces that I can just throw on with a pair of sandals. So when I ran across this dress on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters it fit the bill perfectly. It also doubles as a great swim cover up! You just can't beat a simple shirt dress as a wardrobe staple. Since this one is out of stock, I found a similar one here .

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