mr. + mrs. photography---break it down round II

February 18, 2014

last year we had the pleasure of meeting talented author Laurie Van Dermark. she came to us needing updated author photos for her then newly released book The Battered Heiress Blues...if you haven't read it yet go get it!! as we gear up for another shoot with her in the coming months i though it might be fun to do a break down of what went into our last shoot with this lovely lady!
The goal for these photos was to do something glam and out of the box for laurie. Inspired by Channel perfume ads, the result was polished and classic, we just love how much she trusted us to do our thing!

the plan was to get a full length gown, so laurie rented dresses from Rent The Runway. this black sequin number caught the light beautifully.

her hair:
i used my trusty 1" Remington flat iron to create soft texture in laurie's hair. her hair is baby soft and somewhat thin so i teased it all over at the roots and finished it with Tresemme' hair spray.

her makeup:
i used loreal foundation in this, cover girl blush in pretty peach, loreal eyeshadow pot in "Iced Latte" for eyeshadow and as highlighter on her cheekbones, nose, inner eye, brow bone, and collar bone (can you tell i can't live without this!?). for the lips i used cover girl lipstick in delish. for bronzer and contouring i used loreal powder in this. for her eyebrows i simply filled in using an angle brush in a muted light brown. as always we wear more makeup for photo shoots but it's blissfully affordable drug store makeup!

her nails:
for laurie's nails i used a neutral color like this cover girl color in perma-pink.

her jewelry:
we stuck with silver, laurie brought the earrings and bracelet to the shoot and i snatched one of my silver rings last minute to add a bit of sparkle to her hands.

for a backdrop we ordered a heavy weight grey backdrop paper like this, and hug it on these.
as with our shoot here for lighting we only used one light with a soft box, we have this kit.

we used a canon 5d mark II found here, and a 24-105mm f4 lens like this

side notes:
to add interest and drama to the photo we wanted movement in laurie's hair, so we turned to my blowdryer. yes, craig is standing out of frame holding the blowdryer (on the cool setting) giving laurie glamorous wind in her hair! that's how we roll.
on a side note, it's a good idea to have eye drops handy as you're model/client will most definitely get dry eye after a few minutes.
so excited to share more behind the scenes info from our up coming shoot with laurie. till then give your life some excitement by reading her book!

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