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January 4, 2014

craig and i have always loved to thrift shop. and even when i was in high school--wednesdays meant thrift shopping day. being homeschooled my mom sister and i considered it an imperative part of our education to thrift shop or as we called it "go to the junk store" and that's just what they were. heaps of junk to sift through......ahhhh i can smell the mustiness now! anyway, it's a huge part of who i am so i thought i would share some gems now and then with you guys.

this is a chair that craig and i picked up for $30! the original wood color was lovely and the shape is fab! the fabric how ever was a drab itchy, stained, tweed-ish puke pink (don't have a shot of how it looked before but i'm sure you can picture how bad it was!). but with some quick recovering it looks awesome and i love it! the fabric was ultra penny-pincher too, it's a bed sheet i also found at the thrift store for $3!
a few staples later the chair is one of my fav pieces!

(photos by godwin photography)

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