mr. boots

January 6, 2014

i only wear boots, so taking care of them is important. these are my Ashton Greys, i wear them everyday so the leather gets scuffed up and dried out. here's a guide for keeping your leather in tip top condition. this will clean your boots, and water proof them for at least a few months.
here's what you need:

1. mink oil

2. saddle soap

3. horse hair brush
4. a damp cloth
5. two dry cloths

step one: use damp rag to create a lather in the saddle soap. rub all over boots. allow to dry for 30mins.

step two: using brush, brush boots to remove saddle soap residue.

step three: use a dry cloth to apply mink oil liberally.

step four: use other dry cloth to wipe off mink oil.

step five: buff boots with brush.

now your ready to hit the town.

(photos by godwin photography)

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