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January 27, 2014

i love to fly fish, and tying your own flies is one of the most rewarding parts of the sport. its a lot easier than it may seem and a lot less expensive than buying flies. i'm going to show you how to make flies with most materials from your local craft store. if it's your first time tying flies here's a good beginners kit.
crappie/white perch season is nearly here, so here's a simple black marabou jig with a white jig head.

here's what you need:
-flat black thread (synthetic or cotton)
-small scissors
-1/16 oz #6 jig hook
-black marabou (found in the feather section of craft stores)

here's the steps:
1) put your hook in vice
2) tie in thread

3) tie in marabou half way down the shaft of the hook, leaving the length of the shaft of the hook for a tail.

4) hold marabou back and wrap thread to just behind the eye of the hook.
5) wrap marabou up to eye of hook.

6) tie in marabou at the eye of the hook.
7) trim excess marabou.

8) tie a finishing knot

9) trim excess thread

this fly is great for year round use. but for crappie fishing in winter fish deep rocky ledges, spring submerged tree tops, summer let it drift down a shallow shoals for red eye bass, and in fall fish pools in shallow rivers and creeks.
a great resource for more details on fly tying check out fly fusion's website.

(photos by godwin photography)

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