mrs. wash that face

January 5, 2014

wanna know what three products i use on my face every day that you can eat??

one..baking soda is my face wash. i stow it under the bathroom sink and right before i hop in the shower i sprinkle a little in my hand, once in the shower i form a paste with water, give my face a good scrub and i'm done! seriously the best skin i've ever had since i started using it. why? because it doesn't strip your skin, its balanced but strong enough to keep blemishes away! bonus...its CHEAP!

two..olive oil. this is something my mom got me doing, ppl think i'm cra when they peep in my shower and see the value size of olive oil sitting in my shower, but it's amazing. especially when the temps go down and your skin gets dry. after i wash i pour little hand fulls for my arms, legs and torso, then the remainder is used on my face (it doesn't clog your pores!) then i give it a quick rinse and SHHAA-BAMM! super supple glowy skin...and you don't smell like an italian restaurant, i promise.

three..coconut oil. i know i'm being super trendy by saying this because everyone's on a coconut oil kick, BUT its amazing so yeah i'm trendy. i love it when my face and lips are super dry, i also like to use it on split ends.

so there you have it, super cheap, super safe, super amazing......i'll stop saying super now.

on a side note...for my skin i feel like i need to wash my face once in the morning (before makeup) and once before bed (to clean off ALL the makeup) so because i am super lazy by the time it's face washing round two, i use this

Say Yes to Tomatoes Face Cleansing Cloths here for me they never cause breakouts, super gentle but still strong enough to take off my waterproof mascara. keep it right in my bedside drawer cause i'm that lazy!

(photos by godwin photography)

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